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The first computer was invented during 1936-1938, long before an international headache classification existed. The first edition of the International Headache Classification was published in 1988. The  very first website  that went online was published in 1990 almost at the same time. While ICHD-1 did not become available digitally, the website for ICHD-2 was launched for the first time in 2006. In recent years, there has been a tremendous advance of digital media in medicine. The use of mobile smartphones and tablets has become a standard in all areas of medicine. Many different operating systems and display formats are available. For ICHD-3 beta, we have chosen a platform that responsively adjusts to the different devices and display formats. The web address can be directly added to the home screen of the particular device and thereby opened and used just like a native app. The links demonstrate, how digital ICHD-3 beta can be added to iOS or Android home screen. The website also provides a “ reader mode ” , a one-tap solution for reading web pages formatted for easy reading. After loading the ICHD-3 beta website page in the Safari browser for example, click the Reader button at the left end of the address bar. Likewise, reader mode is also available in other up-to-date mobile browsers.

3beta oh steroid dehydrogenase

3 beta oh steroid dehydrogenase


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