All steroids hormones are derived from

hen looking for the best bodybuilding legal steroids, take the time to research products and manufacturers. Look at forum boards as well as user reviews.
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  What About Safety? There is no doubt that prescription-strength steroids, legal or illegally used, can contribute to a number of beneficial effects in users.

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It tells me that you\'re probably not supposed to be drinking milk. Were you drinking real, organic, un-homogenized milk? Does your body produce enough - or any - of the lactase enzyme that\'s required for the digestion of milk sugar? Are you descended from people who drank milk and ate cheese and butter for 7,000 years and have thrived on dairy ever since? If not then why were you drinking milk?

I was vegetarian for about ten years. During that time I also replaced cow\'s milk completely with "soy milk". I drank it every day and ate lots of grains and greens. Near the end of that decade I had gained 40 pounds (over my normal athletic build), got exhausted in the middle of the day and needed a nap (from insulin spikes and overworked pancreas). It didn\'t do my intestines much good either. No details needed... It turned out most of the excess weight and "fat" on my frame was from water-retention due to inflammation. The body was responding to chronic washing of my digestive tract and liver with an unnatural, man-made "juice" produced by squeezing cultivated toxic beans that never existed in the wild in an edible form and that my body had never seen before in a million years of evolution. I went back to real (organic, grass-fed) cow\'s milk (and meat) 10 years ago. Dropped all grains completely. Ate "greens" only when I wanted their flavor. No fruits (fructose gives me acne). Lived on milk, meat and cheese. Total health turn around. 40 pounds lighter. Endurance like, better than a teenager.

I lived on soy "milk" for 10 years. Almost killed me. What does that tell you?

All steroids hormones are derived from

all steroids hormones are derived from


all steroids hormones are derived fromall steroids hormones are derived fromall steroids hormones are derived fromall steroids hormones are derived fromall steroids hormones are derived from