Anavar vs winstrol vs dbol

Now, when we are talking about athletes such as boxers, MMA fighter, etc, the need to maintain optimal cardiovascular performance for an extended period of time is crucial. In this instance, any excess water retention…or the dehydrating measures commonly employed by powerlifters to make weight, will negatively impact performance and for this reason, are usually avoided. Therefore, most of the water retaining drugs, especially in larger dosages, are not a good idea for this type of athlete right before a fight. In addition to the hindrance of excess water weight, some steroids are well known to decrease cardiovascular performance to a significant degree. Trenbolone serves as a prime example. In a powerlifter’s case, this decrease in cardiovascular output is of little relevance, but it can be devastating to athletes such as MMA fighters, boxers, sprinters, wrestlers, etc. For this reason, pre-comp cycles need to be tailored differently for athletes whose sport demands the utmost in cardiovascular endurance. Some of the very best drugs for the above mentioned athletes in the last few weeks leading up to their competition/fight are Halotestin (a very potent androgen which is good for strength and aggression without weight gain), Anavar (a strong anabolic noted for improvements in strength and muscular endurance without weight gain), Equipoise (another anabolic which in moderate dosages, will lead to considerable improvements in muscular and cardiovascular endurance due to its proficiency at increasing red blood cell count, with little to no weight gain), and testosterone propionate in lower dosages (which will help maintain normal physiological function, moderately improve RBC count, enhance recovery, and impart an alpha male mind-set similar to, let less dramatically than more potent androgens).

Few steroids are safe for women to take due to the risk of virilization, or developing masculine traits. However, both Winstrol and Anavar have been shown to be equally safe for female users, as both have a very low risk of virilization. They both produce the cutting effects women want, and also help burn fat from problem areas very effectively. Each person reacts differently to steroids, so some women will have better results with Winstrol and others will notice greater improvement with Anavar. Just because the risk of virilization is low does not mean it isn’t possible. Women who do notice virilization while taking one of them may be able to avoid them by switching to the other one instead.

Anavar vs winstrol vs dbol

anavar vs winstrol vs dbol


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