Bad steroids meningitis

Where does this leave our four-year-old patient? He is extremely unlikely to have Hib meningitis, since he is fully vaccinated. And we have to make the decision to give dexamethasone right now to get the potential benefit. Logically, he should not receive steroids since the benefit does not outweigh the risks unless it is Hib. And that is going to be true in almost any other child you see with meningitis unless you know that the child is highly likely to have Hib disease. When would you know this? Maybe if the child is unvaccinated and has had close contact with a patient with known Hib disease. Other than that, there is probably no way you could suspect Hib disease in time to dose with steroids.

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Bad steroids meningitis

bad steroids meningitis


bad steroids meningitisbad steroids meningitisbad steroids meningitisbad steroids meningitisbad steroids meningitis