Bodybuilders who died of steroids

Next, vegans like anyone else need to load up on healthy sources of fat. Without enough fat in your diet, your skin will dry up, your energy will plummet, and you will look like death. Getting 20-30% of your calories from fat is a good way to go. Load up on healthy fats such as: flaxseed oil , olive oil, almonds, walnuts, almond butter, and avocadoes. Also, vegan diets are free of all saturated fats, which is great for the most part. However, some saturated fat is required for optimal health, so get some coconut oil or coconut milk in you diet as well.

in 1974 myself and a high school friend went to deland to see the nautilus facility. I remember sitting in ed farnhams office , ed was the business manager, and asking him if I could work out there. I had read both nautilus bulletins and all the iron man articles. I even remembered ar thur jones tv shows , capture and wild cargo. so ed gets on the intercom and says something like ” casey could you come to the front office” . I was just 19 and weighed about 174 at 5 -9 . a strong high school kid . so mr. farnham and I are talking when I hear someone approaching the front office. ed says its casey. I thought I was prepared but I wasn t . in walks casey , I was stunned. all I could do was stare at his forearms. we shook hands but it was a blur. ed jokingly said that casey s mother was a from sept 74 to December 74. while I went to Daytona beach c college. it was surreal. I met Arthur jones 3 times, dick butkus, ellington darden, doug beaver,

Bodybuilders who died of steroids

bodybuilders who died of steroids


bodybuilders who died of steroidsbodybuilders who died of steroidsbodybuilders who died of steroidsbodybuilders who died of steroidsbodybuilders who died of steroids