East german camo

A word of advice, if you buy a German helmet from an on-line auction, be very careful and ask the right questions.   If the seller sends you fuzzy pictures or seems apprehensive to answer questions, do not bid.   A very high percentage of German helmets listed at on-line auctions are fakes or have at least been tampered with.  Most likely the number of non-original helmets approaches 95% or more.   You can get lucky and find good German helmets at an on-line auction.   Collectors usually know the good ones when they come up and they usually they command a high price.  On the flip side, if a deal seems to good to be true, then most likely you are dealing with a reproduction.   Stay away from helmets outside the US.   Virtually all have been tampered with in some way.  Ebay is a very dangerous place to buy German helmets.   It has become a dumping ground for the post war fabricated pieces.   There are also several Ebay sellers in the US acting as fronts for various East European fakers.   They all have the same story, such as direct from a Vet estate, or a small museum.   The best way to have a high quality collection is to buy your WW II German Helmets from reputable dealers, that offer an inspection period and stand behind the product with a Lifetime Guarantee.  

Thanks for posting Jill. Friendly debate or disagreement isn’t a bad thing. As of last I checked, they hadn’t said what the source of the photo of the mystery Guy is. It could be a trail cam photo,surveillance photo,etc. I read that there were some People out there previously with possible drug operations etc,so maybe the police have surveillance cameras out there. At least, it’s officially now a Double homicide. They have audio of the Guy that WAS captured by Liberty’s phone in which you can hear him say what appears to be “Down the hill”. I will update the story here with that info

East german camo

east german camo


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