East german dialect

Language prestige   Positive value placed upon a particular language or features of a language. At the most general level, a language or language variety may be considered prestigious because it is spoken by those who are in power and because it is considered to be correct by prescriptivists . Depending on the social situation, however, it may be more prestigious to use features that are not prescriptively correct but that have prestige for a certain group, such as popular vocabulary terms used by a given group of teenagers. See language prejudice. Back to list

Yes. We mentioned this briefly in the Status section of the Lao page on the website. Laos is a member of La Francophonie. French is doing better in Laos than in other Francophone countries of Asia. French is a required language in many schools, and about a third of students in Laos are educated in French. French is also used among professionals and the educated elite. While French may be the preferred language of the former, particularly among the older generation, English is becoming more popular among the younger people because of its role as the language of international business, technology, and the Internet. Does this answer your question?

East german dialect

east german dialect


east german dialecteast german dialecteast german dialecteast german dialecteast german dialect