East german jacket

From officers to soldiers of the ww2 German Waffen SS, all fabrics of the German World War two (ww2,wwii) Waffen SS uniforms have been custom made to WW2sale's very high quality. We have, however, managed to replicate all the uniform on the German Waffen SS to round off the Uniforms requirements for reenactors, collectors and living history enthusiasts for this era.

The semi-dress uniform ( Ausgangsuniform ), except in details, was the same for all ranks and was worn on off-duty or off-post occasions. It included the service cap, jacket, long trousers, and black low-quarter shoes. The single-breasted jacket was worn without a belt, with a white or grey-green shirt and a green tie. Officers were allowed to wear the jacket with a white shirt. During periods of warm summer weather, either the shirt and tie or the jacket may be omitted. For a while a double-breasted jacket could be worn as optional wear by officers and warrant officers.

East german jacket

east german jacket


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