East german km 87

The MPiKM was the East German variant of the Soviet AKM assault rifle. It differed mainly in its employment of a distinctive dimpled plastic butt. In this it is typical of the infantry weapons of most armies of the Warsaw Pact - effectively the same as the standard Soviet types, but showing small 'national' variations. The Communist leadership of East Germany liked to portray their state as a peace-loving nation, but in fact presided over a considerable arms export trade. To this end between 3 and 4 million examples of the MPiKM (and its predecessor the MPiK) were manufactured at the misleadingly named Spezialwerkzug-und Hydraulik GmbH at Wiesa. Consequently East German assault rifles can still be found in service throughout the world. This particular weapon was seized from members of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) in Jordan during the 1970s. It has been fitted with the barrel of a Soviet AKM and re-numbered.

In the 1772 First Partition of Poland , the Prussian king Frederick the Great annexed neighboring Royal Prussia , ., the Polish voivodeships of Pomerania ( Gdańsk Pomerania or Pomerelia ), Malbork , Chełmno and the Prince-Bishopric of Warmia , thereby connecting his Prussian and Farther Pomeranian lands and cutting the rest of from the Baltic Coast. The territory of Warmia was incorporated into the lands of former Ducal Prussia, which, by administrative deed of 31 January 1773 were named East Prussia . The former Polish Pomerelian lands beyond the Vistula River together with Malbork and Chełmno Land formed the Province of West Prussia with its capital at Marienwerder (Kwidzyn). The Polish Partition Sejm ratified the cession on 30 September 1773, whereafter Frederick officially went on to call himself a King "of" Prussia.

East german km 87

east german km 87


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