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5'5 Freshman Yuuki Okubo Plays HIGH LEVEL VARSITY Basketball! Confident Youngster Clip Video - We had the pleasure of filming Yuki Okubo at the Tarkanian Classic this past week! He's listed as a 5'5 freshman & plays for Crossroads High School who also features Shareef O'neal. He plays with great confidence and poise, takes good care of the ball & doesn't necessarily care about himself scoring but, rather putting his team in the best position to score. With this mindset he has right now, the future looks bright for Yuki & he makes watching the game more fun.
We're excited to follow up with him down the road!

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Fungsi badan golgi sintesis steroid

fungsi badan golgi sintesis steroid


fungsi badan golgi sintesis steroidfungsi badan golgi sintesis steroidfungsi badan golgi sintesis steroidfungsi badan golgi sintesis steroidfungsi badan golgi sintesis steroid