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The Daffodil Centre is an extension of the Irish Cancer Society’s ‘Cancer Information Service’. This free service offers confidential advice, information, and support to anyone worried about any aspect of cancer through a number of mediums. The Irish Cancer Society has been establishing Daffodil Centres where cancer care is delivered, as there is a body of international evidence showing that having access to the type of support that a Daffodil Centre provides can contribute positively to patients and their families throughout their cancer journey.

Gastric varices are less prevalent than esophageal varices and are present in 5–33% of patients with portal hypertension with a reported incidence of bleeding of about 25% in 2 years, with a higher bleeding incidence for fundal varices (38). Risk factors for gastric variceal hemorrhage include the size of fundal varices (large>medium>small, defined as >10 mm, 5– 10 mm, and <5 mm, respectively), Child class (C>B>A), and endoscopic presence of variceal red spots (defined as localized reddish mucosal area or spots on the mucosal surface of a varix) (39). Gastric varices are commonly classified based on their relationship with esophageal varices as well as their location in the stomach (38). Gastroesophageal varices (GOV) are an extension of esophageal varices and are categorized into 2 types. The most common are Type 1 (GOV1) varices, which extend along the lesser curvature. They are considered extensions of esophageal varices and should be managed similarly. Type 2 (GOV2) gastric varices extend along the fundus and tend to be longer and more tortuous. Isolated gastric varices (IGV) occur in the absence of esophageal varices and are also classified into 2 types. Type 1 (IGV1) are located in the fundus and tend to be tortuous and complex, and type 2 (IVG2) are located in the body, antrum, or around the pylorus. The presence of IGV1 fundal varices requires excluding the presence of splenic vein thrombosis.

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Gi prophylaxis for high dose steroids

gi prophylaxis for high dose steroids


gi prophylaxis for high dose steroidsgi prophylaxis for high dose steroidsgi prophylaxis for high dose steroidsgi prophylaxis for high dose steroidsgi prophylaxis for high dose steroids