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This refugees as an economic asset is not true, and then to use German population decline as another excuse is also not true.
The Gov is the west, like Norway, will never admit that its this insane growth in inflation, housing prices, etc to an point where Women started to work, now when that base is used up, the people works, to produce children is costly’
(in Norway, everything costs, and this makes it even harder to be family friendly at all, and children is an massive expense this days when costs of living goes thru the roof, from AGW to power bills, this two, alone is never ever taken into consideration when anyone of the so called, economic experts drools something about economy)
and time consuming, etc, so eventually the decline kicks in, slowly, and crosses the point where sustainability was passed, and to fill in that so called birth decline, they wanted Turks etc, to come, in the 70-80s, remember.
Its an scheme, morons, and you believe them dont you.
The truth is, that this people aren’t refugees, to travel up here, well, you may try, but its not our responsibility what so ever, and now we can simply send them home.
That alone would ease the burden, cut down the social sky rocketing costs, the housing bobble created by the speculation regarding the Gov. willingness to use tax payers money to fix houses to this so called refugees, etc, the list is long, and nobody talks about it, if so, only to blame the native ones for been lazy, etc.

Import steroids south africa

import steroids south africa


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