Nosha biz anabolic steroids

So now that i trust the site after recieving me 10ml vial of sus 250 (thaiger pharma) ive gone and orderd another 20ml some noveldex and clomid.. They say for aus customers there sucess rate on tabs are 50/60% but i rekn i should b fine one of me matesjst had all his ant-es show up from nosha last week. And though i cant say how they came packaged, trust me it was very clever. Got me tracking number yesterday took 6 days after purchase as i knew it would, should rock up in 10 days, feeling very confident. Let yas know. Also probly got a bit excited and started my cycle in the mean time pinned 2ml sus straight up on monday,havnt really heard to much feed back on thaiger pharmer from others but we'll see in the following weeks. First time with this UG brand doing noshas bulking stack with anadrol..

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Nosha biz anabolic steroids

nosha biz anabolic steroids


nosha biz anabolic steroidsnosha biz anabolic steroidsnosha biz anabolic steroidsnosha biz anabolic steroidsnosha biz anabolic steroids