Schwarzenegger e steroidi

“You cannot compare what we took in the Seventies with what they’re taking now. We were taking 15mg then and they take 1000mg of the same thing now. It’s really outrageous. It’s just huge amounts of dosages. It’s only because of a lack of education that they don’t know that it will kill them. What they need to do is rely more on the work. One of my six principles of success is work your ass off. There is no shortcut. If you think there is, you’re wrong. Everything I’ve ever accomplished in my life was because I worked my butt off, not because I found some shortcut.”

Although in 1997, Arnie underwent heart surgery (valve replacement), perhaps this is due in large part to genetic heredity and with tough and very extensive training in adolescence than with steroids. Arnold has overloaded his heart and his recovery capabilities. Training every day on the double split program under conditions of limited nutrition is a serious burden on the body. Nausea and loss of consciousness were common for young Arnie in training. By the way, after his first training he could not get home on a bicycle, and in the morning, he could not even take a spoon at the table. That’s how Schwarzenegger’s ascent to Olympus began.

Schwarzenegger e steroidi

schwarzenegger e steroidi


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