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I’ve read this entire thread and I’m at a loss for words. While I regain my composure, I will say that I’m embarrassed by your ignorance.
You people are the ones who get piggybacked by the ones that bust people like you.
Would you stand on a corner and ask random people to help you rob a bank?
This thread went from zero to sketchy in .
Go back to the beginning and read it, out loud to yourself.
Get it translated to your laguage, so there’s no misunderstanding.
There should be no questions.

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So, all that being said, should you buy it? Well, do you have the need? The need for speed? If so, then you’re not going to find a faster camera out there. The A9 costs $4,500 for the body alone. While that’s cheaper than the Canon 1DX or the Nikon D5, unless you really, really need to be able to shoot fast-moving objects, then you’re probably better off with one of Sony’s A7 series cameras (get the mark II versions). These are also full-frame, mirrorless cameras that take excellent pics, they just aren’t as fast. But if you’re a budding sports photographer and you aren’t already heavily invested in glass from another manufacturer, the Sony A9 is incredible in so many ways.

Ssn anabolic fast grow

ssn anabolic fast grow


ssn anabolic fast growssn anabolic fast growssn anabolic fast growssn anabolic fast growssn anabolic fast grow