Steroid shots bad for you

Hi Ocean. I was reading this and I think the most important part is how bad is your Osteo and what treatments are you receiving besides the shots? For example if you are taking A bone enhancement, there will be trouble when it reaches the medicated areas as they counter each other. Just be sure every doctor you see has your entire health history, it is discussed and all medications are disclosed. I say this because my health is very complicated. When I go to the ER if the doc hasn't seen my history they can suggest things that can cause a lot of trouble. Be your own advocate. Hang in there.

Im 54 yeats old 5’9” 170# i have krones and it causes severe arthritis like symptoms but somehow my right knee has been a problem for the last three years once a year my family doctor would give me a Cortizone injection and I after three or four days had no pain Cortizone lasted me a good six months to seven I have now searched for a Doctor Who will treat this area I don’t qualify for surgery nor do I qualify for any other anti-inflammatories since we have tried all of them. Little left for me but think goodness everyone so down in against Cortizone and injection once a year that they are ready to condemn it is though their opinion is above that of all medical research even the doctors who are afraid of constantly being sued so now getting one short of a miracle I want it worked absolutely amazing with zero side effects for me
No thanks to a lot of people being quick to be negative saying their symptoms would be that of all people my success will never happen again I cannot believe people’s opinions seem to all be so negative

Steroid shots bad for you

steroid shots bad for you


steroid shots bad for yousteroid shots bad for yousteroid shots bad for yousteroid shots bad for yousteroid shots bad for you