Tbol dry joints

Tons of stuff but bm pharma enenthenate 250
Ran for several weeks 1 cc a week for a cruise.
Was already cruising along when started .
Pins easy although it's a little thicker solution however it's not bad at all.
Cruising from a break from a previous blast and 9 felt great never lost communication with the boys and it kept me alive.
I like the individual amps as it seems more stearal.
Had to have some antiestro on hand as I had little estrogen probs as they stayed leveraged prolly from the blast previously.

Ive been on sust 325 for about 5 weeks now and was taking proviron ED at 50mg. I was under the impression that it could be used to protect against gyno. I found out that this is not the case. I noticed a small amount of gyno starting about weeks ago and I went to the doctor to get it checked out. I was honest and said I was on juice. I told him about the proviron as well. He said, as well as a bunch of articles I've read since that proviron when taken throughout a cycle when actually cause gyno in some people. I stopped the gyno and start on nolva and the gyno has stopped progressing and isn't even noticeable. With Anavar only I would just run it alone of that's what you're going to do. But be warned it will slow your sex drive and shut you down. I did an 8 week tbol only
Once and it was rough coming off. I was lazy and had no drive at all. I would recommend some test E to go with it. Maybe 500mg a week split into 2 doses. You will see much before result than with anavar only. I didn't believe it until
I did it and it makes a huge difference.

Tbol dry joints

tbol dry joints