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Title : And the World KeepsTurning
Author : Qanengssi Arnaq
Fandom / Setting : The Book of Life
Characters / Pairings : Joaquin Mondragon, ManoloSanchez; mentioned others
Word Count : 901
Warnings / Notes : Bunny adopted from feministxibalba , and then twisted to my own weird design
Summary : Despite the fact that they still counted each other as a friend, even by the standards of a town as small as San Angel, theirs was a chance encounter.

Trying to write something slightly more canon complian; Joaquin and Manolo are meant to be 15 and 14 here.

— — —

And so Manny travels from town to town all over Mexico with his horse(whom he had named Estrella for the star on her head), going by word of mouth trying to find Joaquin and visiting all the towns the soldier had been to. And in every town he was surprised at the incredible generosity he was shown for his association with the soldier. Some people welcomed him into their homes, some let him eat for free, some gave him things. One family tried to give him a hawk to hunt and send messages with, but Manolo and the ferocious bird couldn’t seem to get along, so they gave him a small white and blue parakeet they had been keeping as a pet, which Manolo adored more than anything because it loved to sing, and named it Juanito. In return for all these gifts Manolo would repay their kindnesses with beautiful music from his guitar.

So in every town Manolo visits, he gets to hear firsthand all the stories of Joaquin’s exploits. A few are truly spectacular tales of heroism, but a lot of them are mostly small acts here and there, like saving a puppy with a thorn in its paw or delivering babies.

Tbol fanfiction

tbol fanfiction


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