Tbol keto diet

I should have specified that I was referring to Tbols fibrinolytic properties. I've read that it increases clotting time, however I was wondering if there was any studies as to how much the time increase was or how severe the effects are. I am somewhat familiar with fibrinolytic's and their therapeutic use in stroke patients, but not enough to understand how Tbol stacks up. I am considering a low dose (20-40mg) extended run. I am being cautious, possibly overly cautious, as being able to form blood clots is something I thoroughly enjoy being able to do.

When the fat in the liver starts to breakdown, Ketones are produced. Basically, the entire body is going to run on these ketones, produced out of fat, for its supply of energy. As a result of this, the insulin levels decrease and that’s why the fat burning happens at a high rate. The human brain requires a huge amount of energy to work. It is often thought of that the brain requires carbs to work, but the process of ketosis proves this wrong. The brain doesn’t need carbs to function, it can run on fat too. It is even proven to help feel more focussed! And, it is a definite effective way for weight loss

Tbol keto diet

tbol keto diet