Topical steroid addiction facts

It’s SOOOOOO important to get your body moving to heal from eczema. I know it can be hard and uncomfortable when we sweat, it can bring on some itchiness but that’s a good thing! The sweat is the toxins releasing! Today I did some yoga with some sun salutations then some abdominal work with a kettle bell (which is very important to strengthen the gut muscles for internal and external toning and better digestion), some squats and lunges with a kettle bell and then around 13 min of rebounding just until I worked up a good sweat! 💪

As for owning a cat while I have allergies/skin problems… Pixel caused issues the first month we owned him, but I’ve since built up a tolerance to this one specific cat.  If he licked my face during that first month, I’d get an itchy hive right where he licked me. And I used to wear nitrile gloves while petting him, as ridiculous as it sounds.  Not anymore though! Also helps that Siberians are known for their low level of FelD1 protein/enzyme in their saliva, which is the specific thing that makes people sneeze from their dander! 

1. Moisturizers. Some people cannot tolerate any moisturizer during withdrawal – especially in certain stages of withdrawal, but here are the moisturizers many of our forum members like to use.  Please spot test everything to make sure the skin can tolerate the moisturizers or soaps and remember to only try one new thing at a time. Also note that the skin may accept something for a while and then become irritated at another stage of withdrawal when the same product is applied. Most people find emollients, ointments or balms made with simple ingredients to be more comfortable than creams or lotions.

Topical steroid addiction facts

topical steroid addiction facts


topical steroid addiction factstopical steroid addiction factstopical steroid addiction factstopical steroid addiction factstopical steroid addiction facts